CV Raef Kozman

Expertise/Research field

With a background in Medicine (Bachelor of Oral and Dental surgery), Raef Kozman is a Dentist and a PhD candidate at the Institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. After his Bachelor graduation in 2012, he worked as a Dentist in his home country as well as a volunteer Dentist at Malteser Hospital in Cologne, Germany. At Malteser’s facility he started developing his research skills in oral epidemiology by working with the medical team to help deprived and underserved immigrant population to get free dental treatment. At the same time, he also joined an interdisciplinary medical team at the refugee camp in Cologne city to collaborate in offering immigrants proper medical treatment, screening and vaccination. In 2019, he achieved his Master’s of Science degree in Global Health and Risk Management at the University Hospital of Bonn. His main research interests are: global health, oral health & epidemiology, socio-economic disparities in oral health, systemic interactions between oral & overall health and dental research.

Station of work

Raef is currently working as a Deputy Head of the International Medical Services Department at the University Hospital of Bonn.