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Medical Humanities at the IMH


(Photo: Johann F. Saba/UKB)


The Institute for Medical Humanities (IMH) (formerly the Institute for the History of Medicine, or Medizinhistorisches Institut) at the University Hospital Bonn is an interdisciplinary research center housed inside of the Faculty of Medicine. The Institute exemplifies the ‘Medical Humanities’ as it mediates not only between different medical disciplines and subjects, but also forges links and partnerships with other departments as well as the broader public.

Courses offered include Medical Terminology for students in Medicine and Dentistry, History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine, and Bioethics.

Research at the Institute comprehensively investigates the Medical Humanities both geographically and temporally from the early history of medicine in the Ancient world through to pressing debates in contemporary Medical Ethics.

The IMH maintains an extensive research library specialising in medical history and has expanded its holdings significantly to include materials on Medical Ethics and Global Health.

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