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The Library at IMH

The reading room offers a reference collection complete with encyclopaedias. Volumes acquired before and up to 1990 can be accessed via both a card index catalogue and a subject catalogue. Monographs acquired after 1990 have been added to the main catalogue of the University Library Bonn. The journal collection is registered in the ZDB, the German Electronic Journals Database. The terms and conditions of the University and Regional Library Bonn as well as the Departmental and Seminar Libraries of University of Bonn apply.

History of the Library

The foundation of the library was laid by the personal collection of Carl Schmiz (1877-1946) who taught Medicine at Bonn from 1920 to 1942. Added to this initial library were collections from the ‘Pharmacological Institute of the Royal University of Bonn’ (Pharmakologisches Institut der kgl. Univ. zu Bonn), the ‘Royal University Library for Skin Diseases’ (Kgl. Univ.-Bibliothek für Hautkrankheiten zu Bonn) as well as valuable holdings acquired from Walter von Brunn’s library. The library was later expanded further through acquisitions from the City Archive Rothenburg o.d.T. in addition to rare, antiquated works from the ‘Library of the Royal Gynaecological Hospital’ (Bibliothek der kgl. Frauenklinik) Bonn. In building and expanding the collection special emphasis was placed on the acquisition of relevant biographies, historical encyclopaedias as well as handbooks and textbooks. In 1990, with the widespread introduction of electronic data processing, the cataloguing system was modernized. Today, the library contains more than 37.000 volumes. Included in this expansive collection are works on the history of medicine, medical ethics, Global Health, the history of science as well as the history of pharmacy and biology. In more recent years, both books and journals have gradually been added to the collection following the closure of hospital libraries and the assimilation of their holdings into the Library at IMH.

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