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Teaching and Studying at the IMH

History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine

The German Licensing Regulations for Physicians or Approbationsordnung für Ärzte (ÄApprO) requires, in §27, the completion of History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine and the accompanying exam. Teaching in this interdisciplinary subject is comprised of the central topics outlined in §1, namely the philosophical, historical and ethical foundations of medical practice. As in other core subjects in the medical curriculum, teaching is underpinned by leading-edge research and contemporary debates.
For students currently in the first clinical/fifth regular semester, the IMH offers a lecture and seminar in History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine
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Medical Terminology

For medical students enrolled in the first semester, a practice-based seminar in medical terminology is offered. The seminar is offered to medical students irrespective of their knowledge of Latin (winter term). It is also offered in the second semester (summer term) to Dentistry students without Latin skills.

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(taken from: Andreas Vesalius, De humani corporis fabrica, Basel 1543, f. 413)


Foreign Languages Offered to Medical Students

French (instruction from the Institut Français der Universität Bonn)




Lectures in Bioethics are obligatory for students of molecular biomedicine in the fourth semester. The lectures take place every summer term in the lecture theatre at the IMH. The lectures explore problems and methods in applied ethics as well as central topics in Bioethics emerging from core scientific disciplines and techniques in molecular biomedicine. Alongside these topics there will be space for sustained and comprehensive discussion on the moral questions and ethical dilemmas which emerge from the content covered in the lectures.
Exam dates can be found under News.


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